Dedicated Representation In Difficult Circumstances

A Personal Injury Attorney Who Cares

Far too often, I see people crushed under systems that are designed to keep them down. While injustice may always exist, I am determined to help injured people have a chance at fair compensation from those responsible. You should never have to explain why your injury matters, and that’s where I come in.

At my law firm, McGreevy Law, LLC, I fight on behalf of people who have suffered severe injuries due to the negligence of others and who strive to recover compensation. Many times, injuries result from design or manufacturing mistakes that were overlooked, hurried, or poorly planned. I also represent clients injured in major motor vehicle collisions or hurt at another’s place of business. When someone has been severely injured because of someone else, I naturally want to help.

Don’t Let the Insurance Company Blame You

Despite taking our hard-earned dollars for premiums, many insurance companies and manufacturers try to blame you when you are hurt. They will fight as hard as possible to prove not only that you do not deserve compensation, but also that they somehow are not at fault.

If you’re a Kansas or Missouri resident and your catastrophic injuries were caused by any of the following, then I may be able to fight for you and help you recover compensation:

  • Severe injury
  • Dangerous or defective products
  • Manufacturing errors
  • Gross negligence of an employer or employee

Over the course of my career, many clients have hesitated to push back against negligent parties because they feel like they don’t have a fighting chance. But when life-altering injuries and their excessive costs are on the line, you need someone who promised to travel that difficult road with you.

Fight Back Today

If catastrophic injuries changed your life forever and someone else was at fault, don’t feel pressured to settle for anything less than what you deserve. Let’s fight for fair compensation together.

Let’s fight back today. To schedule a free consultation, call my Kansas City office at 913-318-4351 or use my online contact form.