Dedicated Representation In Difficult Circumstances

Your Loss Matters, and No Wrongful Death Case Should Go Unheard

If a loved one passes away due to others’ negligence, and you are seeking representation for a wrongful death case, then my law firm can likely represent you. With years of experience, I am very familiar with how death can cause a once-steady life to lose control. Allowing me to pick up your torch and pursue justice for your loss can be a weight off your shoulders, a load I am willing to bear.

While I handle many types of wrongful death cases, I have considerable experience when it comes to products liability and defective products. Design standards and testing protocols exist to help keep us all safer, and when manufacturers fail to follow those simple rules, I will hold them accountable.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Case?

To pursue a wrongful death case, clients usually need to be related to the deceased individual. This means a direct family member or someone who has been established as the personal representative for the estate.

I work with my clients to establish important facts before I ever file a lawsuit so we can go into the courtroom knowing exactly what we need to argue in order to prove your wrongful death claim.

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