Dedicated Representation In Difficult Circumstances

Establishing Responsibility Is Key when Handling a Products Liability Case

When a defective product or a manufacturing mistake causes injury or death, it may seem like the burden will fall entirely on the manufacturer. After all, it is the one who made and distributed a defective product.

Unfortunately, the burden of proof falls on the injured party bringing the claim. This might seem unfair and a difficult task, but that’s where I come in. It’s my job to establish that your injuries resulted from a defective product or negligence so I can help you obtain fair compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, and any additional pain and suffering related to your injuries.

Demonstrating Defects in Products

At my law firm, McGreevy Law, LLC, a major part of what I do is pursue claims for those hurt by defective products. Prior to starting my own law firm, I spent years defending clients in many kinds of cases with an insurance defense firm. Helping insurance companies save money at the expense of injured people didn’t sit well with my conscience so I refocused my practice in 2018 to solely represent plaintiffs in their fight for justice and compensation.

Experience allows me to think how the other side thinks. I know the common defenses and standard tactics to blame plaintiffs for their own injures. I put that experience to work for you, proving what really happened, while fighting for fair compensation for you and your family.

Generally, to prove responsibility for a defective product, there is going to be some key information that I will need, such as:

  • The product has not been destroyed;
  • Time since the injury has not exceeded the statute of limitations;
  • Your damages were the result of a defective item; and
  • The product was in the same condition it was sold when the injury occurred.

To demonstrate these facts, I almost always need the actual product itself. It’s nearly impossible to prove that a defect in an automobile if I cannot have experts inspect it. This rule applies to most other products, as well. For this reason, I highly recommend you contact me or another qualified products liability attorney immediately if you believe your injuries were the result of a defective product.

Time Is of the Essence

The longer you wait between the time of your injury and contacting an attorney, the more difficult it can be to prove a case for a variety of reasons. Not only is evidence lost over time, but witnesses’ memories are not as clear six or 10 months after an incident. It is also imperative a case be filed within the applicable statute of limitations.

Don’t wait to prove that a manufacturer is responsible for a defective product. To get your case started, give me a call at 913-318-4351.